Startup Grind 2018: Best Startups

Startup Grind is an amazing global community of people who live and breathe startup. Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, Startup Grind gathers their community, their chapter directors from all over the globe, and startup enthusiasts in their annual global conference, here in Silicon Valley.

Every year, the Startup Grind Global Conference brings together an extraordinary lineup of speakers. Some of this year’s speakers include:

  • Reid Hoffman, Linkedin founder and partner at Greylock Partners
  • Steve Huffman, Reddit’s CEO
  • Gillian Tans,’s CEO
  • James Park, Fitbit’s Co-founder/CEO; and
  • Pete Flint, Trulia’s Founder

As well as well-known VC investors such as:

  • Jeff Jordan of Andreessen Horowitz
  • Jess Lee of Sequoia Capital
  • Joe Kraus of Google Ventures
  • Jeremy Liew of Lightspeed Ventures; and
  • Niko Bonatsos of General Catalyst

Overall, Startup Grind selected 50 startups out of the 7,000 that applied to be showcased at the annual conference.

I looked at the pitches, went to their booth and talked to them, did some online research and selected the top 5 out of 50 (or basically out of 7,000).

Not all the startups were good, however, there were some startups that I thought were working on something great. Here is my selection of top 5 startups:

Your phone is the DJ. It uses AI to curate music and also all the people in the party can suggest/upvote songs.

Ordering custom product packaging online with low minimum orders, fast turnaround, and free online proofs in 3D

Subscription based meat (all types) from grass-fed, family farms.

Transform your text to natural human voice. For bloggers, publications, companies, etc. Voice makes it easier for more users to consumer the content.

SaaS platform for city, county, state elections. They already have a number of local governments using their product.

I visit different startup conferences and demo days, and analyze various markets to find the best startups. In my previous posts I have analyzed the best top startups in spaces like A.I+Healthcare, and Blockchain.

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Also, please comment below if there were other startups presenting at this year’s conference that you liked.

Partner at DCVC ($2Bn VC firm) and author of “Super Founders”. #1 bestseller new release VC book on Amazon.

Partner at DCVC ($2Bn VC firm) and author of “Super Founders”. #1 bestseller new release VC book on Amazon.